Zinc Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Book 4) by Terry Bolryder

Zinc Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Book 4)

Book Title: Zinc Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Book 4)

Author: Terry Bolryder

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Terry Bolryder with Zinc Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris Book 4)

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The Zinc dragon has always known the toxic metals in his bloodstream could end him. But now, separated from his friends and barely clinging to the hope of rescue, he's finally resigned to his fate. At least he gets to spend his last days with a wonderfully kind, curvy woman that he would give anything to have met under different circumstances.

Leanne doesn't know what to do. A human prisoner caught up in matters much bigger than herself, she's doing her best to help her fellow prisoner Zinc survive, in spite of her own incredible attraction to him. So when a chance opportunity might give them the key to escape, Leanne is willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it means mating a dragon.

With Zinc's strength returned, and his unexpected mate by his side, he'll do whatever it takes to protect Leanne. Even if it means returning to his home of Drakkaris. But with danger on all sides, Zinc may have to choose between his role as prince and future king, and being the man that can make his mate happy.